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ball valves and seats to ram pumps. gland chevrons and seals. stalk valves with discs and bushes. flat diaphragms with gaskets and O rings. rubber and non metallic rings with clacks and insertion joints.Since 1987, our family firm of Partmaster have been supplying quality consumable spare parts for flow control ram pumps worldwide to various industries such as the pottery and ceramics industries. The clay producing industries. Chemical waste and treatment plants. The water and waste treatment industries and waste management plants to name but a few

We stock an extensive range of consumable replacement parts for various types and sizes of ram pumps such as ram pumps with ball valves or stalk valves. We stock various parts to other types of pumps other than ram pumps. Parts such as flat diaphragms and spherical membranes with various sizes of ball valves and ball valve seats. A wide range and size is stocked of gland chevron sets, gland packing, O rings, gaskets, twinset seals, chevron seals, hypack seals, filters and hydraulic valves. Our range of parts and sizes available for your industrial pumps and power packs is too wide and varied to detail all the parts available.

Our stock includes a substantial size range of ball valves and seats, Hydraulic cylinder chromed piston rods, chevrons and seals. Rubber and non metallic gland packing rings, gland chevrons and seals. Our porcelain rams, sometimes referred to as ceramic rams for your ram pump gland, range in size from 2” diameter to 9” diameter. We supply quality parts in any quantity no matter how small or large for your ram pumps and others at highly competitive prices. Personal service and expert advice is always on hand for our customers. We can be contacted for your convenience by:-

Latham International Ltd
Unit 3, Rowhurst Close,
Rowhurst Close Industrial Estate,
United Kingdom

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